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  • Lisa Magrino, COO Chapman Partnership

    "Lois is an extremely trustworthy professional who is dedicated to those she serves. She demonstrates integrity and competence while always remaining solution and strength focused. She develops and maintains interpersonal relationships with ease because she sincerely cares about others and their success."

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  • Harmony Crawford, EVP & Managing Director, The Marketing Practice

    "Juan's thoughtful approach to each situation and business need was thorough, deliberate and success-oriented. His ability to deliver piercing insight on human behavior in the context of organizational culture is both inspiring, and transforming."

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  • Marya Meyer, Artist Management, Music & Entertainment Consultant; One Billion Rising Miami Coordinator

    "Creative, organized, bi-lingual as well as bi-cultural, Lois is one of those special professionals capable of analyzing situations quickly and finding the correct solutions to support her organization."

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  • Andrew Solmssen, President, California, Wunderman Thompson

    "Juan has the rare skills of being able to conceive and create programs from scratch through to delivery AND passionately and effectively communicate the information to groups. He's an exceptional collaborator who helps everyone around him do their jobs better. Through Juan's Emotional Intelligence training, I saw my team dramatically improve how they work together and relate. Months later, people still refer to the lessons learned in the training."

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  • Ron Antoniewicz, SPHR, Managing Director, Jupiter Human Capital Advisors

    "Lois uniquely blends her business/HR management skills with her very charismatic personality and builds strong rapport quickly with all levels of the organizations she manages and supports. Her communication skills are top-notch and extremely valuable."

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  • Colin Cheadle, Director of Talent/HR, Wunderman Thompson Apps

    "Juan’s efforts go beyond training. They equip leaders to become more aware and effective in their roles. His intuition and ability to diagnose a need and develop rapid options for resolution is uncanny."

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  • Donna L Horkey, MS, PHR, Forensic HR/Management Consultant

    "Lois understands that her job is to think globally and contribute to the overall well-being of the organization from a financial perspective to a business/management perspective; she does not dwell in the silo world of HR as so many other HR people do. She is both a thinker and a doer, and creative, sharp, and insightful, one of the strongest HR professionals I have worked with in my 31 years as a consultant."

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  • Erin Bradley, Associate Creative Director, Wunderman Thompson

    "Juan is an action-oriented leader, with an infectious energy + drive that are tempered by his ability to walk into a room and immediately establish it as a safe space for authentic and honest communication through his thoughtful questions and astute observations. Juan knows when to take charge but also when to step aside and let people do what they do best. Juan's ongoing commitment to sharing knowledge and bringing people together in the name of doing good are like no other and I'm always striving to learn from his example."

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  • Dona Peters, VP Strategic Partnerships, Medallion Retail

    "I had the opportunity to work with Lois on several important organizational initiatives and quickly recognized her ability to remain focused on meeting objectives, yet adaptable and nimble at navigating through the many challenges that were presented. Always landing on mark, on target and on time. I would highly recommend Lois to any organization who is seeking a rock solid and business driven professional to enhance, fortify and lead their HR function."

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  • Jen Anderson, Strategy Consultant, Experimentation & Analytics, Microsoft Global Demand Center

    "Juan is a passionate and energetic motivator. He also connects dots across business to empower all types of teams with information, education and resources to make great work. He sees clearly and delivers on human-centered approach to leadership and learning. Personally, he helped me take very complex analytics concepts and simplify into a compelling format from which audiences otherwise not familiar with the craft of marketing sciences could understand and take action. That took me to a new level as a leader."

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