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Craft people-centric experiences that inspire employee engagement and build intentional culture.

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MatterOfCulture is a collective
of professional culture-builders who
design people-centric experiences that
inspire employee engagement.


The culture of an organization can be summed up as “how things are done around here” (Drennan, 1992). From that perspective, any time people come together for a common purpose, culture naturally emerges. When that culture grows unchecked, it can quickly become chaotic, confusing and toxic.

On the other hand, when culture is guided by inclusive values and practices that enable employees to bring the organization's vision to life, it becomes quite desirable.

Intentional cultures are a magnet for great talent. And when organizations engage that talent through people-centric experiences, they become exceptional places to work.


"94% of executives believe a distinct workplace culture is important to business success" (SHRM)


"82% of Global Human Capital Trends survey respondents believe that culture is a potential competitive advantage" (Deloitte)

Highly engaged business units realize:


17% increase in productivity (Gallup)


21% greater profitability (Gallup)


Successful brands actively seek ways to make it easier for their customers to work with them, use their products, and buy their services. These carefully crafted people-centric experiences pay off in the form of increased customer loyalty, profits and brand equity.

Organizations that apply that approach internally by designing and implementing people-centric practices across the entire employee life cycle inspire engagement from their talent.

Employee engagement – defined as the level of commitment and emotional connection to an organization – drives innovation, promotes retention, and increases productivity while reducing absenteeism. And like customer loyalty, it also leads to increased profits and brand equity.


The employee life cycle is a model that helps us visualize the entire relationship between talent and the organization they work for.

At MatterOfCulture, we define the employee life cycle in four stages, starting with the moment a candidate considers applying for a job, and continuing beyond the time they leave the organization and become alumni.


"69% of employees are more likely to stay with a company for three years if they experienced great onboarding" (SHRM)


"63.3% of companies say retaining employees is actually harder than hiring them" (Zenefits)


Employee retention is still an important and valid metric for many organizations. In fact, studies show that retaining employees is actually harder than hiring them.

The focus of most retention efforts is organization-centric. In other words, through these efforts, the organization tells employees “We want you to stay.”

At MatterOfCulture, we focus instead on inspiring employee engagement, which is people-centric. When employees feel engaged, they are the ones telling the organization “We want to stay.”

By focusing on improving the employee experience, the workforce and the business thrive.

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